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Tony Hardy

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Hi everyone,

Following on from my logo post the other day, I've made some headway into designing my new companies website.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts to share with me on it?


Thanks a lot,
its really nice, will be nice to see it in action, only things id say is add some blue into the the slider (like a slight blue gradient into white, just to break it up a bit) and have the icons or icon titles in blue to stand out or have a shadow under the slider to bring depth into the design.

oh and move the "airballoon creating exciting responsive wp themes" contact to below the slider as were it is at the moment its basically in the footer were you already have a contact widget. (but if you make this a widget it can easy be done)

but its really nice, clean and professional looking
I don't think I want to move the "call to action" to below the slider, as what I've got written in it, is already near the top of the page. I wanted people to be able to access the contact page from the top or the bottom.

I'd already considered the icons being in blue/being surrounded by blue, but I'm yet to try it. Might give that a whirl.

Cheers :)