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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a critique on the logo I've designed for my new business. The company is called airBalloon and we make custom Wordpress themes.


Ideally, I wanted the logo to reflect a rising and a lift. I think I might have nailed it, but could use a fresh pair of eyes.



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I like the idea though the it all feels quite rigid for such a 'soft name', even with the 'balloon' floating up. Maybe have the n tilted and lifting slightly too? Also, the tagline is practically illegible.
Im with Paul. The tagline is not legible enough.
Why not try using both O's as balloons? lift them both up, rotate them a little, perhaps change the colour to lighter shades of blue / grey?
The staggered o's - that's where your logo is; the strapline isn't working and having the 'air' bit elevated is making it all look a bit jumbly for my taste. Also not crazy about the capital 'B' sitting there in the middle - I think you generally see far too much of this sort of thing and it rarely makes any sense.

Tidy it up, limit the trickery to the o's and get out of there, I reckon.
Thanks for all the feedback. The strap line was an after thought, and, you can tell haha :icon_smile:
Probably need to have a strapline - but legible. Or you'll be asked about balloon flights or party balloons etc!
Perhaps if you had AirBalloon then the capital B would make more sense...
hi, maybe have all letters lower case on same level with no space and both os raised but second one higher? The blue is nice bright and fresh like the sky. I like the colours. If you're having "air raised", the o shouldn't be as it is too unbalanced. One or the other.

Or move "air" so is above "ball" and have o balloon(s) still. It pays to play around. The "air" and tag lines are both grey and would be positioned on opposite diagonal corners to balance things.
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