Agency Standard (Inline HTML) Banner ads


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Hi, I need to make an animated banner ad and the agency will only accept a single .html file.

What tool is the best way to accomplish this?

I used to use Adobe Flash Professional and Swiffy, neither of which exist anymore. Flash's replacement, Adobe Edge will not export inline html, it will only create a .html file with separate JavaScript files (and needs to reference external images too).

Note: It needs to be a high-end/Pro solution, like Adobe Flash was (given that I need to add a 'click-tag' too).



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You could create the banner how ever you like, host it on your own server and then supply the agency with a single html file containing an iframe that links to the scource. This is how banner ad's are created for the likes of paddy power and betfred.

The benefit is that when they want it changing you change the source file and it will update wherever that iframe is being used.


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Excellent advice folks, thanks very much, really appreciate it. (My first post on here and I'm very impressed :)