Aftershave/Perfume Bottle


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Hello, this is my first thread so I hope it's in the correct place etc. I have to design and brand an aftershave or perfume bottle for a graphic design course I'm doing. Does anyone have any novel or unique ideas with regards to the shape of the bottle, packaging and branding? Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks! :icon_smile:
If your brief is genuinely as simple as "design and brand an aftershave or perfume bottle" then you've got carte blanche to do whatever the hell you want!! pick an existing brand to design a new range for or create a whole new one. Just make sure you research why youre doing it, current trends, future trends etc..
It is your job as a designer to find a novel or unique idea ;) I think you should have a look at what is around and research what interests you. Have fun with some sketching as well :)
^ All correct; there's only idea and execution and you'll get a lot more out the exercise if you own both (keep in mind that even failed ideas are positive in an educational context so long as you can get to grips with the reason for failure - an old tutor of mine maintained the view that a good self-critique of a misfiring project can be even better than an out and out success as you have more scope to demonstrate your understanding of the nuts and bolts).
Kind of a weird questions since coming up with the concept and idea is exactly what your trying to learn to do. So do some research and brainstorming and try to get inspiration "outside the box". So look at something completely different from perfumes etc. good ideas are hard to come up with but its really worth the effort in the end! Good luck! :)
I would start this project by getting together an image board of existing bottles, logos and other imagery linked to scents, smells, plants, ingredients etc. Also tv adverts and posters that advertise fragrances. Once you have them all down in a sketchbook look for similarities. If they all have something in common think about why? Can you change that something to make yours stand out? One of my lecturers said to start by thinking as ridiculous as you can. How crazy can a perfume brand/bottle be before it stops being a perfume brand/bottle? That's a good place to start as you can then change things to make it more realistic if you have to, rather than the other way round.

Hopefully that's a starting point you could use. Good luck!