After Effects Animators wanted for collaboration.


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a good After Effects animator to bring my illustrations to life in 2D / 2.5D only. I work as a freelance illustrator and art director and have reached the point where a lot of my clients are asking for digital, interactive and motion pieces which I can only produce to a certain degree since my AE skills don't go beyond basic level.

I would need an animator willing to work strictly with my style and also willing to initially collaborate on a couple of personal pieces so I can gain an understanding of how we work together as I wouldn't be comfortable working directly on client commissions without testing the water first with a few some short pieces - nothing complicated!

To gain an overview of my work see, if the style isn't to your taste please don't apply as I need to work with someone who understands my work. I recently had a job for some London Underground digital billboards fall though as I couldn't animate the job in time and have in the past lost TV advert commissions and cannot afford to have this happen again. I have two potential commissions lined up for big clients and once I find an animator I gel with will be commissioning regular jobs.


You must be easy to work with, dependable, have a good sense of humor, patience (not with me, with the clients!), preferably be in the UK and be comfortable working with my style without adding content. I can't stress this last point enough as I've worked with animators previously who feel the need to add their own content but this won't be what the client wants and will result in reworks which get annoying for everyone (although I'm very open to suggestions and very easy going).

Hope that didn't sound too demanding!!! I need to make sure I get the right person involved as it's my reputation on the line.

If you are interested please reply to this post with a link to your work.
Cheers, Brett
Hi Brett,

I used After Effects a lot in my final year of Uni. It's been a year or two since I've used it but I'm sure all the old skills will still be there. Depending on the sort of animations that you need, I could probably help out.

Here's some of my work using After Effects.

If you could link me to some videos of the sort of animation you'll be expecting, that'd be great?

Hi Tony,

Cheers for getting back to me, it needs to be to this standard... TBWA -'Van Marcke / Unicef' on Vimeo

Ideally I need someone who can handle anything I throw at them as a good amount of the work will be for TV advertising.

Hi there;

I'm part of a multi-talented team called rawPixel; we're pretty well-versed in After Effects, and I think we'd be able to help you out. I have a couple of recent examples to hand, which are available through the following links:

AppointmentsEverywhere - Animation & Screencasting Proof - rawPixel - YouTube

Wedding Pictures & Video Motion Graphic Design - rawPixel- YouTube

We have a complete live-action showreel if you were interested! Feel free to get in touch with me on [email protected], or just visit our website over at rawPixel - New, exciting web experiences. for more information on myself and the team.

Hope we can help, speak soon!
@Rawpixel. Thanks for getting in touch, my AE skills actually cover the kind of work in your links but I need someone with skills that stretch far beyond this and I'm looking for someone who already has experience in fun animation for TV advertising, music video's and digital billboards...etc.

I put the work out to some people I know in London and I'm waiting to hear back, although I'll be paying London rates I know they'll deliver the results I need. If I find someone I'll close the thread but in the meantime anyone who thinks they could help please get in touch. Thanks.