Affinity PUBLISHER Beta is HERE


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So far - some pretty nice features, like adjusting shapes, especially with multipe points like start bursts.

I am able to import an ai file, and it becomes embeded, just double click it to to edit, change colours, text etc. - original remains untouched.
Which is nice.

Master pages are a bit flimsy - there's no "Base Master Page On" - but you can duplicate master pages to mimic settings on one - but can't rename.

Page Information on print ready pdfs are appearing at the top, in a print workflow they are best the bottom, as this is how proofing in a print house works, look at the bottom of all the sheets, being at the top is counter-intuitive, but Affinity have already said they can make it an option to be top or bottom.

They don't have a "slug" setting, vital for some workflows.

Overall, it has a nice feel to it - but I guess I'm still using it like InDesign. I need to figure out all the nuiances.


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I don't use Indesign so I doubt I'd use Publisher but I'm very much behind Serif in what they're doing.

I read you can download the beta for free too. :D

Paul Murray

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I'm likely doing to be using Publisher for digital docs, mainly knocking up things like brand guidelines. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I'm doing some brand guidelines at the moment so maybe I'll recreate them in Publisher when they're done.


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It was pretty cool - was able to open a PDF directly in the app and make any edits. It was very slick in that sense. Not that I condone editing PDFs....


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Testing it myself. Works very smoothly with Affinity Designer and Photo files. Just as though you created them in Publisher itself. Opens PDF files very well also.