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AshfordTalk - The Front Page - i want to put a - unsure what you call it a solid line across the top of my site and the the logo kind of over lap, but it didnt look to go, so i decided to keep it the same colour, and im starting to think it doesnt look that good either?/?

anyone got any advice plese??

anyone got any advice plese??

Yep, wait until they release a version of vBulletin that works properly, if you custom code 4.0.2 you will need to start from scratch if you upgrade to 4.0.3, the current release is not a stable and bug free version, far from it.

Coding custom skins for vb4 is a nightmare at the moment, but once they solve all known bugs and organise the template engine it will become more designer friendly....but not yet.
well im only after colour advice really...

which everything i done is only css based so can easily be moved over to any new style coming..
Hey Martyn,

Personally I think the blue/grey bar that you have running across the top of the site is overpowering the logo, I think you need to play around with the colours of the logo to get it right... Perhaps brighten the blue of the logo so that it stands out more.

Just my opinion but hope it helps you out.

The logo seems to sit back from the main could really do with something to help bring it forward a outline may help.

Its quite a tidy site overall...the green at the top is perhaps a little overpowering - but if the logo was adjusted to suit, it wouldn't be a problem.
I tend to agree with craftygeek and creatabledesign about the logo and top navigation.

Logo- Think it's sitting back. A nice electric light blue would look good.
Navigation- I'm not sure about the a:active style. The line I think is just over complicating things.

Hope this helps. It's just my thoughts...