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Hi there

I really hope someone can help, I am a creative doing an academic job and I just cannot anymore, so I am leaving to study something in digital design. However, I really need to know what programs I need to know, so of course the Adobe creative suit - I really like the idea of after effects working with 3d and video, so I assume I will need that. But what other programs do I need to know apart from Adobe creative suit that are required in the industry today... I mean is there a big market for that sort of thing (digital designers) at the moment ?

So yeah what programs do I need to know and were can I study it, Can I do a university degree course or something along those lines or do I need to study just like a year course at a design school (I live in London). Yeah so that's what I really want to know, I hope someone can point me in the right direction, to summarise.

What programs should a digital designer know ?
Were can I study in London ?
Is there a current market ?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

If you're intent on formal education, why not look for an FDa or HND in digital design? The course will be 2 years long and will cover most aspects of digital design, after that you can go on to specialise.

Alternatively, you could decide what floats your boat now (ie, animation, web etc..) and self study?.. The likes of and are a great place to start.
Great Big dace that was very helpful, I have decided on studying to be a motion graphic artist. I currently have a windows laptop and I believe the industry standard for this type of work is carried out on a IOS.

So before I spend a £1000.00 on a Apple laptop, I want to know do most design companies require you to know IOS ? Is it better to use ?
I think you may be confusing OSX and IOS. IOS is the Apple mobile operating system, it's used on iPhone, iPad etc but isn't used on Apple computers and whilst there are some design apps available it's not industry standard. Apples desktop & laptop operating system (currently OSX 10.10.4 Yosemite) on the other hand has been the preferred creative industry option for many years. There are a number of exceptions to this rule, often where traditionally IT based disciplines meet creative disciplines such as web development or CAD.

That being said, there is no reason to double your workload by learning a new operating system. Most mainstream creative software is available for windows and mac with the interfaces being pretty much identical. Look into the industry standard software used for your chosen discipline and go from there. Dont forget there may be some pretty hefty price tags attached to the software you require as well as minimum system requirements.