Advice on using freelancers


Hi folks

In the new year I will be looking to find one or two reliable freelancers to work on small projects. A client of mine has indicated there will be an increased amount of work coming my way and I already struggle to get their stuff done. I'm not going down the employment route so freelancers are the way forward for me.

What should I look out for when hiring freelancers? Any tips please?

The projects will be mainly ID and PS work for leaflets, working around existing themes so it's not going to be too intensive.

As a background, I have been going as a company for 10 years now, solo!

Any advice on using freelancers would be appreciated :)

One of the first things I would do is prepare yourself/your freelancers a style guide. If you're working on projects for a company with a pre-existing brand identity, I'd make sure everything was mapped out so that the freelancers understand what can and can't be done.

If you Google "brand identity style guide" or something like that, I know there are some examples kicking about online. The Skype version in particular is pretty good!

Then in regards to actually hiring the freelancers, same as everything else. Either advertise for what you need, or, visit websites of recommended people and check out if they're credible and the portfolio they have comes up to the standards you require.
Thanks Tony

A style guide is a good idea but may not be needed as I can just provide previous ID files for them to re-use elements from. There is a bit of flexibility anyway.
This is something we're looking into as well. We'd need them to be able to come in now and again, but find it difficult to find someone local.
Are there any recommended job sites or such that we should look at?

Ta :thumb: