Advice on Training Courses for HTML/CSS


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Hello everyone,

Am new to this forum, so hope you can help me with some much needed advice!

I come from an artworking/production background and was recently made redundant soooo, have decided to use my time wisely and whilst job hunting, I thought I'd look into training in HTML/CSS.

Please can anyone advise of the best course to take? (I have so far looked at Adobe Training, but if there are others, please recommend - am based in the Midlands!)...has anyone taken any of these courses? Are they worth the money? Did you find them useful?

I am more interested in developing than design, but would I also need to look into a Flash/Dreamweaver course...?

Thanks in advance!
Hi there,

Welcome to the forum. I'm not a web guy and can't offer any suggestions, but there are plenty of people on here that can help you out. Good luck!

Welcome to the forumn. has some good courses. I taught myself HTML and CSS from a HEAD FIRST* book which was good, took you through building a website step-by-step. *Take a look on Amazon - it was called something like HTML & CSS.

Hello everyone,

Thanks Kate. Appreciate the help/pointer in right direction...have you or do you know anyone who has ever attended these courses? They're pretty expensive so I need to weigh up my options first before deciding if I should undertake or not....

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated...
I learnt from the book first. I also got a free offer (can't remember exactly what) when I signed up with and did a couple of the lessons on some of the 'trickier' bits of html/css. The book I found better I could work at my pace - skip over bits, go back over bits etc. - in odd moments.