Advice on strange logo


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Ok, so I agreed to do a logo for somebody (kinda wish I didnt now haha), its for an arm wrestling thing, so what immediantly sprang to mind was…the scene in Predator which dutch & dillon epic handshake! So, I traced the outline in Illustrator…but struggling to get it do look good. The look I had in my head was kinda like Archer (TV Show), but Im not getting anywhere fast (spent the last few days, going round in circles). So, I thought I use forums for other things, why not this! Any idea/advice/suggestions? Even a link to a tutorial that might help me, Cheers guys! Draft ai: Download from - send big files the easy way Would like it to look something like this:
I just came up with this quickly: I would start by drawing the rough shape like that. Not necessarily sticking exactly to the photo. You can then start to add highlights and shadows, again not copying the photo too much as you'll need to simplify things to make it suit a logo. If you start with the basic shape you can add more and more detail until it's where you want it to be. Failing that you may have to resort to a more simplistic design than the example you gave, which won't necessarily matter as long as it resembles arm wresting.

Hope this helps and good luck!
You could always use a tool like vector magic to help, if you have a good hi res picture then it will create a great vector image for ou to then base your illustration on.
The logo of World Armwrestling Championship is awesome. The color is also very light. But if the outline of this logo is created with black or any dark color then it will look more cool.