Advice on sites to find work


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Hey, has anyone used or to find work? Someone suggested them as a source but I hadn't heard much about them. Anyone had any sucess, any stories? Thanks

Paul Murray

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Personally I'd steer clear of both. DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing site, meaning you'll be working with no guarantee of payment, as will many other designers. FlipaJob is another example of a site that devalues what we do, people offering logos for £30 etc (though if you post a job for £100 and it's actually worth £100 then so be it).

I know a few people have had some success with for small jobs that bring a bit of extra money in between better paying jobs. Be prepared to be undercut by a lot though. Like most online job boards, people will repeatedly undercut until they have the job and they're doing it for £5.

What sort of work do you do? Perhaps we can suggest places you can get work that will actually pay.

Dave L

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The thing to keep in mind about all of the above mentioned sites (and others like them) is that they might bring in a bit of pin money but they won't make you a living.


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To get rid of such problems it is better to develop your own website, portray the sites you' ve designed, do SEO and marketing and take it to a level where people start recognizing you as a brand in days to come.

You wouldn't need much of an investment for that, now-a-days you get web hosting packages for as low as £2.50 GBP's so no big deal. The only crucial investment you'd need to do is time and efforts before the success begins to flow-in.

I know it isn't as simple as it looks, but the first few steps are important, once a momentum is achieved you only need to maintain and if possible increase the pace gradually.