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I am student at bolton college and I would like you to tell me what you think of my logo.

Hi there

I would say it definitely needs more work, what is it for? What is it meant to represent? What is the t in the middle of the hand? I wouldn't say just using a hand shape and a font you like is really exploring the depths of logo design...but we can help :icon_biggrin:
To be brutally honest it's awful and defies everything that a logo needs to capture.

Research, research and research!!!

You can go on about a logo needing to be able to capture a brands quality and values. However, the main thing a logo needs to obtain is an IDENTITY.

I have no idea what the company you are trying to portray does. There is no suggestion as to what it could be. You should really figure out the way in which you are going to communicate your message before putting a design together.

Sorry if it's a bit harsh, but I hope you learn a move forward:icon_biggrin:
The logo looks like some microsoft word art. The hand doesnt sit well alongside the type.

Im not keen on the typeface either, it doesnt look professional, however I do not know the nature of your work.
I don't think that it works - initially it doesn't really look too well produced in the sense that the lines seem a bit jagged and, for example, the hand's outline varies in thickness which, although perhaps intended, doesn't sit right in my eyes.

The elements just don't seem to go together; I'm not keen on the font used for the address but it feels a separate entity to the hand, whilst the t printed in to the hand also feels separate.

None of it goes together, I'd have another look at it to be honest.
Hi Ahmed,

I've had a look at the website. Sorry but i don't think this logo would fit in with the company image.

I'd have another crack at it. Use the website and existing logos to try and get some inspiration.
I think you should go back to the basics of using a pen, pencil and paper. Fill a few pages of a sketch book and really experiment instead of design straight from computer software.

Alot of people seem to be jumping straight onto computers without actually desiging. Its not just you so nothing personal :) , I have also said the same advice in other threads.
I dont much about graphic designing but i will say its fine but there some work still needed on and you should go some bold letter under beneath it that would be good
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