advice on logo for a Hackney charity

Sophie Lep

New Member
Hi, these are logos for a charity based in Hackney, London.


REDUCE REACH 2 LOGO 11 2010.jpg

The charity aims a decreasing violent crime among young people in London.
The name "Reduce the Pressure" is based on the idea that the charity will try reduce the pressure exercised by some young people onto other leading to acts of violence.

I am struggling to get the client to accept any logo. I did several other logos as well. I thought this 2 are the best, but I need feedback. please be constructive.

I like the R and P (as a shadow, at an angle) because they look elegant, however, it also looks very serious and a bit like "RIP", Rest in Peace, which does not sound appealing.

thank you.
I'm not sure about these to be honest. I find the typeface on the top logo a little condescending. Though your audience is "Young people", you don't have to use a childish font. It reminds me of the "yoof" TV programmes we were bombarded with after Newsround in the 90's. The shadow doesn't sit well on the second logo, the stem of the P should really meet the stem of the R.

Approach this less like you're designing for children, you need to treat your audience with respect whatever their age. A teenager wouldn't have anything to relate to in these designs, they seem to be aimed at a much younger audience.
As well as agreeing with what has been said above i also get the sinking feeling that you might be using photoshop to create these logos?