Advice on leaflet/flyer



I'm thinking about sending round a flyer to a few of my local businesses. I'm ok design-wise, but does anybody have any advice on the content of the flyer that will actual help with people responding to it?

I'm thinking some sort of offer (e.g) Buy Logo and Business card design, get 250 business cards free?

Thanks :icon_smile:
From a neutral perspective, all I would say is get your point across in a way that a non printer/designer would appreciate. Common sense perhaps, but I've seen many leaflets which contain terminology that would just baffle their target audience.

I think an offer sounds good. But hit them with information which doesn't go into too much depth, I think a leaflet should be an appetiser, then your website the main course.

People often stick photos on leaflets, then you find at A5, they don't always work, so I would just suggest being careful with picture and material dimensions if you were to give a visual demonstration of your product/s.

Good Luck!:icon_wink:
I recently read a post on a different forum where a marketing expert was giving advice on writing leaflets, flyers etc. She said the approach to take is to make it all about the customer, not the supplier, ie list all the tangible benefits to the customer of using your services, rather than go on about how good you are at what you do.

Hope that helps.
So true Zeb. It's funny how often the client is forgotten in the final outcome.

Target your profiled client and write to them. Test it out on friends. Make sure it hits the correct locations.
An exclusive offer with this flyer could help. Maybe you could do several offers on the same flyer and break it up this way you are potentially appealing to a wider audience.
putting a voucher code also helps in making the final recipient feel special (i.e. use code XXXX when contacting us and we'll also give you an extra 5% discount)
Maybe just keep in mind that already established businesses might not be interested in a logo. Even if they have a bad logo they might like it and not see the point in getting it changed.

You might be better of trying to give them so much off design with the flyer or tempting them with a really great price on design and print..

With leaflets you also need to remember that the first time you send them out it may not work instantly. It can take a little time for people to recognize the brand associate with what you are offering. You also don't want appear too cheap with too many offers as this might have an adverse effect.

Target businesses at the right time, location and use the best offer you feel necessary for the target market.