Advice on Large Format Printing onto Foamex

Andrew Kelsall

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I was wondering if anyone could answer the following questions about printing onto Foamex. It is for an upcoming project for one of my clients.

1. I will be designing large format, 50" x 30" prints. I plan to get my designs printed onto paper, and then bond it onto Foamex or Foamalux PVC 5mm board myself. What is the best paper to have the designs printed on? What is the best way to bond the paper onto the Foamex ...3M spraymount?

2. What is the best way to "seal" the print afterwards? Does anyone recommend Sandtex?

Any help is appreciated :)
If you go to a good large format printer they will be able to either print, mount and laminate on to foamex or to print directly on to foamex.

I wouldn't recommend that you go to the expense of having them printed and trying to finish them yourself. Could be the most expensive way to go!

I would suggest googling 'large format printers - Leeds" and do a phone round.

Thanks for the reply, however, I have already got quotes in for the materials and print and there is quite of lot of markup to be made - and it is a lot cheaper :)

I'd agree with Kate to be honest, if you have a set of rollers to run the print and board through then it's cool, but would be tricky putting them down by hand. Sandtext is a textured scratch resistant laminate, for long term applications commonly used in bannerstands to stop the face scratching.

If you are putting these down by hand onto foamex, I would suggest a solvent print onto self adhesive vinyl, put down by hand either with some application fluid, or a mix of a couple of fairy liquid drops and water sprayed onto the vinyl back first. It would be worth getting a hand at that size though. You're right, there is a little money to be made in the mounting process, but that's often the difference between a professional looking job easily achieved, and the time it may take you to achieve similar results.

I can go out and buy spares for my car and fix it in 12 hours with loads of grief or........ get someone to do it in a quarter of the time while I am busy earning doing what I do best to pay for it.

If the prints need to be on paper then spraymount may be the best solution...


Hope this helps :icon_thumbup:
@Tom Sound & thinkingforward2010 Thaks both of you for your advice. I think I may try the 3M spray and Spray77 and see if there us any difference :)