Advice on Joomla extensions...


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There are a huge number of extensions out there and I would love to have some advice on which might be best suited to solve a number of problems.

1) Large enquiry form (probably fairly simple really!)
2) A Conference centre wants to have an 'Event registration form'. Once a company has booked an event the delegates are given a code/password and can 'sign in' online and the Conference Centre will have their details captured.
3) A 'comments form' so that the delegates can leave feedback but the Conference Centre can moderate.

Any advice to point me through the humungous number of possibly suitable Joomla extensions would be grand!


i know this might go off topic a bit but if you are creating something for a client cant you use wordpress cause what you are asking for you can get in wp plugins alot easier than joomla.
Yes - I could use WP - but I haven't really used it much - and I couldn't find the way to get at the css files... I'm sure it's just me as I didn't spend much time on it. If I used WP do you know of any suitable plugins?
yeah if u used WP here are some plugins for u

1) contact form 7
2) event-registration
3) not 100% sure what you mean here but you can set any page in WP to allow comments (if thats what you are after no plugin is needed)
and the comments can be moderated? ie. seen by the Conference Company before they go live...just in case anyone slags them off!

Thanks for the tips I'll take a look at them. Is it easy to get at the css files in WP and tweak them?
yeah you can moderate every comment before they go live on WP, and yeah its easy to play with the CSS.

if you need any help just PM/email me
tbh both look like a nightmare to me - I learnt to hand code as Dreamweaver looked too complicated! As I know neither, Corrosive, I'm open to suggestions... the events registration WP plugin looks as though people have to pay (which we don't want) so any ideas?