Advice on choosing a process for my business card


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Greeting everyone,

I have recently found myself a victim of the recession so I am updatin my portfolio and business cards etc.

I have a fairly good idea as to what the business card will look like but I having trouble deciding on exactly which process to use. The card itself will be on a fairly thick, uncoated stock, most likely GF Smith Color plan.

The design is still to be finalised, but will almost certainly be purely typogaphical with big, bold lettering on one or two sides depending on the final cost. In terms of color palete I am keeping it verry simple, most likely one color. The exact colors again are to be finalised but it is looking very likely that it will be grey card of roughly 50% - 75% with black lettering.

I am interested in having them done using either screen printing, letterpress or block foiling but I have very little personal experience with either one. If anyone can offer some advice or insight into these processes and maybe even point me toward some printers who offer a good value service I would be extremely grateful.

Thankyou for your time everyone.

I'm afraid I don't have anyone I can recommend for this, but I have to warn you it won't be cheap for these processes!:icon_smile:
Why don't you want to use litho?

As Artgem says screen and block foiling will be expensive and letterpress will be hard to find and possibly pricey?
Im not familier with litho printing. Can you reckomend anywhere I can score some samples from please? Thanks for the replys, stuck in a rut on this one and I need some inspiration to help me climb out of it lol.

Garrison - where are you based? I can help with samples if you want (run a print company) or you could google 'litho printers + your town' - should find a load of printers there. . . but choosing the right one. . . difficult! What do you need samples for?
It would be great if you could get it done with letterpress, it's always something that i've wanted to experiment with myself!
Rather than go via the GF Smith route, find a local printer and ask what coloured stock he has in. This will help keep your costs down as your printer won't be buying it in specially for you.
Avoid foiling unless you have money to burn as a tool will cost you around £100. Smaller, old school printers will do letterpress stuff, but of course you can only use the hot metal typefaces they have (no macs!). My local printer does loads of traditional foiling using letterpress as long as you're not picky over exactly which typeface.
If you're in Kent, let me know and I'll send you the details.
Wow your offline for an hour or so and half the world pitchs in to help, gota love that.

I am fortuneate to have found a chap who does his own foiling as a one man band enableing him to keep his costs down. I can get 250 cards made with single color foil on both sides for unde the £100 mark (I know I was quite shocked as well).

I am based in Gloucestershire in Cheltenham although I visit london often so that is not out either.

Ironically most of the printers I have talked to actually use the gf smith paper already.

I am really trying to produce something a little different with these cards beyond just getting them done at my local printer with gloss on one side and matt on the other. I get the impression prospective employers see ALOT of them. I love the texture of the gf smith card and the solid feel it has. I also like the effect of letterpress and screen printing, again something a little different from the standard printing.

The foil was something i came across while browsing itevenhasawatermark. I thought the glossy texture and slight indent caused by the process would look really effective.

That said however does anyone have any experience with the letterpress or screen printing, or litho for that matter? If there are any samples to be had I would really appreciate them. I can be contacted at [email protected] if you need details.

Thanks for all the time and effort guys.

Letterpress printing can be done from artwork - they just have to get a block made. I know a letterpress printer but last time I saw him he was selling his press. . . he was only part-time. Excellent printer - I might still have something of his tucked away.

Lots of packaging and signs are still done via screen print process.

We are trying to start a trend with using non-glossy, textured and coloured papers instead of the ubiquitous 150gsm Gloss Art and glossy business cards. Litho can print on lots of different stocks from 60gsm up to 400gsm and our Oce CPS 900 (colour digital) can also print on textured stock with great results.

Yo are right to try and choose something different for your identity.
Where are you based kate? Tbh it probably doesnt matter with postage and emails and such but im just curious. Id also be curious to know what sort of card stocks you print on and to see some samples of typography printed in a business cardish way if you have any please?

Thanks again for your advice.

black foil print will look really really good on 75% black cards. It'll give a lovely shine to the lettering and make it stand out in a completely different way!

I used to work for a hot foil company in Scarborough called Philprint. you can contact Phil Binder on 01723 862800. He's been specialising in hot foil for about 15 years so Im sure he'll be able to help you out.
Thanks for the tip dave. i am currently weighing between a card exactly like you just described and one that would be a very light grey, probably around 25% with orange lettering. I think either would look really good though the grey and orange one I would get down in either letterpress or litho probably. Orange foils tend to look a little odd.
Ok.. quick question- why are you doing two different designs? Or are you still trying to choose?

The grey one will look great. Although I'd go the whole hog and have black foil on black colourplan. The orange one could also be done foil block, or screen printed. Both would look great. You can't really use letterpress because it doesn't really work that way - you'd need to work with a letterpress printer to see what fonts they had and design around that.
I have actually been sitting on the Grey / black design for ages but suddenly came up with the Grey / orange a couple of days ago. I am totally on the fence between the two and cant decide lol.

Thanks for the tip with about letterpress that is really helpful. So far i havent seem any orange foils I liked so i am tempted to choose litho for that so I can choose the exact shade of range.

Thanks for your time.