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Hi All

I have just bought a pc and need the adobe creative suite: Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.

Does anyone know the best place to buy this software? I have a budget of £800 and have found a site called Your cheap and easy soft store, saying that this will cost $319. Other sites say over £1000! Whats the difference?

I don't want to pay for this software then get ripped off by downloading software that dosen't work.

Any one recently bought this software or know of anywhere cheap and safe to download?

That's OEM software and you'll almost certainly find that the license terms state that it is for shipping with new hardware only. It will probably work and you'll probably be able to register it but it's still fishy.

You can pick up the CS5.5 Design Standard edition within your budget all over the web.
Apart from the afforementioned site being illegal in many ways, I can almost guarentee it won't be reliable.

This post outlines how the site in question has been using "black hat" (hacking) techniques to get their page rank up!
Wordpress Headers and Footers Continually Hacked

It is also on many, many "illegal softare sales" lists.

Does this sound like an ethical company?
Do you think an authorized reseller of Adobe would partake in such practices?
No, I don't either!
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You’re just going to have to grit your teeth and pay the full whack from either Adobe or from someone like Jigsaw or Cancom. Any authorised reseller will have it priced within a few pounds of Adobe - there are no bargains to be had. It’s painful, very painful.
Even though £800 is quite steep, the potential earnings you can make in one year far out weights the cost of Creative Suite.

It's a fantastic piece of software and while there are cheaper (or free) alternatives, Creative Suite is still an integral part of most designers kit.

Look on it as a business investment and an stepping stone to producing even better work.
$319 is dodgy and while it may get you a copy of Creative Suite, would you trust these guys to install nothing else on your PC. Their criminal interests probably do not stop at hacking software.