Advice on 3D Cad Software


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I am not a graphic designer but want to do the following and would really appreciate some advice on the best software to buy.

I am in the interior design field and would ike to take either a picture, (or trace), of a chair and either another picture or design of some fabric and then re-upholster the initial picture of the chair with it, I need to do this many time with different fabric designs.

I have already done this in photoshop but it looks completely unrealistic and does not show any detailing, any interior design software packages also do not go into enough detail for me. I have been looking at images produced by software such as 3d max and they are fantastic but it is completely outside my budget and experience.

Has anyone any experience with software such as abobe illustrator or plug ins or anything else that would be suitable for what I am trying to do.

I appreciate any help,


Cinema4D is a relatively easy to learn and use 3D modelling/animation package, that's much cheaper than 3DS MAX, but still has a pretty hefty price tag and a steep learning curve if you're new to 3D modelling. A free alternative would be Blender ( - Home) though this too requires learning the software.

Depending on the furniture in question though, I wouldn't imagine it would be too hard for someone with experience of Photoshop to re-upholster a chair digitally, providing they know what they're doing.

It may be cheaper, quicker and easier to pay someone to do this on a per job basis, though this depends on their pricing.
Hi Paul,
thanks very much for your reply, I'll certainly check out both Cinema4D and blender,
Hey Elsa,

I guess its too late now but Im an Interior Designer and I use Microspot Interiors Pro :) really simple to learn and makes some nice renders! Plus I found its a lot cheaper than the other softwares :S it allows you to model your own furniture pieces if you don't like their stock ones :) hope this helps! (new to forum posting)