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I am looking to start a graphic design company from home. I would look at my main role would be to manage the business doing sales, marketing, admin finance & very low level graphic design. I would like to hire freelance graphic designers with a few years experience to work with local small/medium companies who would also be home based. i would want to start off small with a few jobs from local companies then build the business form there gradually.

I was thinking that I could gain customers and pass their details to my freelance designers who would then obtain their design brief and produce the work. This would then be sent to trade printing company who would print and post to customer. Can all this be done on the phone/internet or would the freelancers have to visit the customer?

Advice please and any useful weblinks are very much welcome.
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Hi thewaywelive,

You could do all you need over the internet and on the phone :icon_smile: I would be happy to do something for you. Although I don't have much experience at the moment.

Good luck
Also I forgot to say there is a freelancers section on this forum where you can view like a profile type thing from members on here...
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I have sent you a PM regarding this post...

Please check it out and get back to me :)

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Thanks Rysdesigns & sarah_a.

HOw would working with freelance graphic designers work when working from home. My customers would be based where I live? Can the freelancer contact the customer to obtain a brief? HOw would the design process work remotely?

You could do things a few ways really. You could stay in contact via email. So you email the breif to the freelancer and then they will email you things like designs or questions. I have used a program called CuteFTP to upload and send file to the person i am designing for. There is a few ways of doing this really its just finding the one that works best for you and the designers.

All the best
Best method of Comms....

I find the best method of communication to be instatnt messenger....

You can send files through there, keep your clients up to date, contact them quickly with any questions,
In your case keep a good communication with your designers...

You could even add the client to the convo so they can make it perfectly clear what they want

I would personally sign-up with as many popular IM's as possible if it was me

Times have changed now, you do not need a face to face contact with someone to do work for them.

Cheers Ryan