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Hi everyone. I've been signed up for ages and only just got round to posting (my bad).

I'm a graphic designer / studio manager for a print franchise but business isn't great, my boss is too expensive and I have a long commute each day hence I am looking around for another job.

My question is really about an online portfolio. I have one and it is indicative of the work I do but it is all run of the mill stuff, logo design, business cards and leaflets. I do the odd interlocking folder and a few pop-up banners but nothing that is really WOW or hugely creative- generally our customers want pretty standard stuff.

I don't think my portfolio is doing me any favours because it is so "standard". Would I be better off doing a few 'creative pieces' just to showcase or stick with what I have been doing? I'm asking because despite a degree and enough experience I don;t seem to be getting asked for too many interviews etc.

Any input appreciated. Thanks
Do you have a link to your portfolio? Could it be that you're just marketing it the wrong way, or presentng the work in a 'dull' way?
I don't think that there is anything wrong with producing 'standard' work - if that is what the customers want then that is what you give.

I guess it depends on what the roles are that you will have been applying for and whether it fits. If not, tailor your portfolio to the role and if you think you will need to produce more creative pieces whilst you are in the job then, of course, show them what you can do in that line of work.