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Hi All,
I am a fairly competent and senior designer. Last week we all had been tasked with designing a high profile logo for a client. I was asked from my teamleader to go down a certain route for my particular concept. After a few days passed we had a meeting and to be honest what I had presented was rushed (even though we still had lots of time on this). The teamleaders in the meeting where not too hot on my designs, which was fair enough. But the next part has really poped my bubble, my teamleader has tasked another colleague with the same avenue I am exploring (I was passing her computer screen yesterday).

My question is: Do I have the right to challenge my teamleader and ask why he has put another designer on the avenue I was exploring and is this fair?
I think it's fair enough if what you did was rushed and they aren't keen on it. Maybe a bit of competition will spur you on. They're only looking after their best interests in terms of pleasing the client. I wouldn't take it so personally, they're not keen on your design/s, they need a solution, why not have two people working on it rather than one?

Can't win em all!
No, not at all, they can't just go with the design you did because they don't want to have another designer working on it. Two heads are better than one, and they need to know that they have explored all possible avenues.
If I were you this probably would have given me a kick up the arse to try again. Perhaps now you have some feedback on the design they didn't like you can take it down a route that they may be more impressed with. Even if you now have no time to work on it in the office, it may even be worth working on it in your own time, if it's a project worthy of your portfolio. Go get em!
I would agree not to take it personally. After all they have a problem that needs solving so that they can get paid. As Erro said you can't win them all, you can't design brilliantly or please someone perfectly every time. So if this was me, I would knuckle down and try and come up with a proposal that will win their attention back. Slog your guts out and you'll feel much better for it. Unfortunately there will always be someone better than you, but god loves a trier! And your bosses will respect you for it whether or not you come up with the final design. Good luck!
The advice above pretty much covers it. The only thing I'd add is that you might want to walk away from the experience resolved to not be half-arsed about stuff that matters to you professionally.