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I am a digital designer and have decided to have a go at web design. Im brand new and I must say it has not been easy. I thought in order to learn I would follow tutorials and build a basic site.
The theme of which I decided to sell the moon (you have to start small). Part joke, part just to see what happened but mainly to learn something. We are quite aware this will sit in cyber space collecting cuber dust but you've got to learn somehow - why not by having a bit of a laugh! A friend of mine bought the domain name thinking in 20 odd years he'll make a fortune when someone actually starts selling moon space.

Anyway I've managed a basic site with html and css and a page with some sofware called 'hype' that makes html5.

Advertise On The Moon

rip it to shreds.

peace kids

Certainly better than my first efforts! Few things to watch out for;

  • The scroll/anchor effect works well but when the page first loads for me it starts with the moon and then jumps down in order to scroll up again. You need to engineer round that.
  • You say you have used some software (really?) to create HTML5 and yet your doctype says (x)HTML. You need to choose and stick to an HTML version or you might get some unexpected results!
  • You are using break tags (<br/>) to go to the next line and empty paragraphs to create spacing. ALL of this should be done with CSS, that's what it is for. Take out your superfluous markup and try and position it all in the natural pageflow using CSS styles
  • Look at semantic markup and the meaning of certain tags. Just putting everything in paragraphs is fairly meaningless. Throw in some headers (h1 - h6) to mke your page mean more.

Oh, and you need a warning if you are going to use non-functional tracking cookies (analytics) in the UK.

Generally though, really good effort for a first go. As I said, my first few were all tables and Dreamweaver generated nonsense!
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Hi Neil, first off its nice quirky idea I like it. Everyone has to start one where and your site is a lot better than some first time sites I have seen over the years. I think with a bit of practice and polishing your site could be quite good. One piece of advise for the future would be to keep all your CSS in a separate style sheet, this will improve the load speed of your site.
Firstly, very sorry for such a late reply, I have been out of the country.

Thanks very much for your feedback. Like I said I am fairly new so alot of what was said has went straight over my head. However I am an ace at following instructions and I will google some of the terms. I get what you are saying for the paragraphing but that was the only way I worked out how to do it. I'll have a look online for a couple of tutorials. CSS is still quite foreign to me.

In terms on the HTML5 I mentioned - the reason for this is that it was the only way I could workout how to use different sized and strangely positioned transparent buttons. (For the moon page) Obviously the moon is round and the spacing of the ads was really becoming a problem, so after much searching I discovered a program called hype which allowed me to produce what I wanted relatively easily and exported a pretty basic page as HTML5. - But I'll have a look for any problems that may occur.

Again thanks for your feedback.

Much appreciated.
Here's one little coding tip. Instead of:

<p><img src="images/Pricing.png" width="86" height="30" /></p>



You can use Google fonts, font-face, etc to get your heading looking fancy. The advantage of not using an image is that it will be easy to update and it can be resized without pixellation.

Can you not have the fly me to the moon soundtrack on it?
I love the way we swish up the sky when we click 'visit the moon', that was awesome! :D

It's a nice little idea. I remember years and years ago someone doing something similar (a million pixels?) that worked really well.