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Hi Guys,

I have recently created a simple 10 second animated banner ad. Usually with animation/motion graphics work, I would use Adobe AfterEffects but due to the simplicity of the banner, I thought I'd try out the motion feature Photoshop has to offer. This is the first time I have ever used this feature and I was pleasantly surprised. It is not AE by any means, but it was very easy to use and it got the job done quickly and efficiently. I will definitely consider using it in the future for very simple motion stuff.

The problem I have now is that I need to use the banner for a website. I thought I would 'save for web' as a GIF but the file size to too large. It needs to be a SWF file. Does anyone know a good converter to convert it to a SWF? Or is there a better way? I assume I may run into all types of trouble using a converter, but I'm hoping someone may know of a good one that can convert it well. I won't hold my breath though, as I tried one online and it was dreadful.

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There's an awful lot that comes up for "Gif to swf" in a google search.

But I think for best SWF settings and quality to use Adobe Flash.
Yeah you are exactly right. I have tried a few GIF to SWF processes and they all come out at crap quality.

I have even tried to go around the problem in Adobe Illustrator but it is like going from one problem to another.

Adobe Flash is definitely my best bet but it is a bit pointless for me to get the software for a small one off project. I am unlikely to use Flash ever again. In fact, the last time I used Flash was just over a decade ago.

In hindsight, I should of just bloody stuck with Adobe AfterEffects. I know there were issues saving to SWF in that too, but I believe there is a fairly straight forward way around that and in the newest version there is a fix. Then again, I may of had a problem with the file size with that too.

Flash is probably the only way. Wish I knew it had to be SWF beforehand. And here's me thinking Flash was slowly dying on the web.
You can download a free 30 day trial using the Adobe Creative Cloud App.

It's fully functional for 30 days.
Yeah I was thinking that. I'm just kind of weighing up whether it's worth spending the time recreating everything in Flash, plus learning my way around it again. I can imagine it must of changed quite a bit from 10+ years ago. Having a still jpg/png banner is an option.
From experience - Fireworks produces lower file sizes and higher quality - as it's designed for working with the web.

I'm pretty sure it's Animations Panel is quite similar to Photoshops - it might even be able to open the PSD that you created and the output to an animated gif.

You might get slightly better, lower file size, results.
If it can open the PSD and play it in smooth working order that would be fantastic. Thanks, I'll give it a whirl at some point, no harm in trying.

This is Adobe Fireworks not Abobe Flash right? I have never actually used Adobe Fireworks before.

I was also thinking, the banner I created is made up of layers of other PSD's / Jpegs, I should probably decrease these images to a suitable size before using them on the banner. Might help lower the overall file size?

You would definitely recommend I try Fireworks not Flash then?

I might do a quick google search to see which app can open PSD's, as they can both save as SWF's.
I think Fireworks might worth a go.

Since it's a gif anyway - why not swap out the jpegs for gifs in the original psd file?
I don't quite understand what you mean. I have the PSD which I have saved a GIF of the animation. What I really need is a SWF.
Ok so according to the Adobe website, they can both open/import PSD's and they can both save/export SWF.

Like you say, I will give Fireworks ago at some point this week.
I have got FW, it has opened up the animated PSD but I have no idea where the play button is, or if there is one, or if I need to teach myself to re-animate it all from scratch in FW. In which case, I feel Flash maybe easier and quicker for me as I am a bit more familiar with that software.

I got Fireworks like you suggested in the hopes there could be a chance of it being able to play the already animated PSD, without me having to do it all over again.

I'm a bit stuck and slightly overwhelmed by the program as I have never used it before. It seems to be very 'webie.'
You should be able to "view in browser" from the File Menu - or something like that.

There should be an option to export or save as or save for web.
Yeah I'm pretty sure I need to reanimate it, as when I save or preview in web browser it is completely static. It was worth a shot. Now to give Flash a try.
Regarding FW, I found the play button and it does play the gif I created in PS, but the PSD's are static. Understandable I guess.
Hang on a minute, can I work around this? I have opened the animated GIF in FW and saved it as a SWF which plays perfectly. The only problem is the HUGE file size it has created, it is ridiculous!

Well its not huge but its far too big.