Adobe Muse, thoughts?

It is the same old story looking at the examples. I'll happily create any of those layouts with just half the amount of code used there and I'll also give my IDs and classes meaningful names so you can find what you are looking for at a later date. Plus I'll throw in semantically meaningful tags for good measure.

The day a computer can code like a human is the day that Skynet becomes 'aware' and we'll spend the next 10 years battling Terminators. :icon_thumbdown:
Lol Tom, I see you were inspired by my friend Fran! It sounds like a pretty awesome program, she will telling me about the progress she was making with it and it's pretty nifty for what it does.

There are a couple things with it though, it will be really good for you if you don't have any intention of going into any format of web design because it's almost as if it is doing all the work for you par the design.

I think it's much better to go into the core of it all and learn the coding too, even if it's basic. You're better off knowing what you can achieve from web design and how it functions, rather than not knowing much at all :). That was someone one of my lecturers told me in university.

I currently don't deal with web design at all in my current employment, but we have got a really big job at the moment for some signage (all around 4000 mm Wide by about 1000 mm high! HUGE!) and then bits to follow. Brochures, business cards, and a web design. Jeez, hell if I know much about coding a web design, but I was told that after I put together the look and feel of it I will be paired with a developer to make it.