Adobe InDesign Page and Number Order


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I have an InDesign Document (a chapter in a book) that is part of my indb file, with several pages of text and images. I need page 1 to start on the left side of the book, with page 2 facing next to it on the right. By default, page 1 starts on the right.

Now, I know how to do this manually by dragging and dropping the pages via the page panel, but there are way too any pages to get through; I was hoping for a more automated way. I can also achieve this by setting the first page to start at page 2 (the left side of the book) but then my page numbering starts at number 2 (as its essentially on the second page) and I obviously need it to start at number 1.

I am sure I have solved this issue before but I just can't remember how I did it. Is there a more automated way to do this or am I seriously going to have to drag and drop? Surely not?

Thank you.