adobe cc


anyone having any problems with it?

I'd tried downloading a trial of muse to see how it is to dreamweaver and it won't download at all just seems to stall the cc app
I started having issues with CC a couple of weeks ago (apps crashing, error messages, downloads stalling). All that was needed to fix it was to run an update for the CC app.

You'd almost think Adobe had intentionally buggered the software to force us to download the update... #conspiracytheory
Yeh I don't think they did lol.

If that was the case there'd be millions of reports on the forums (adobe forums) and it's just not the case.

I've seen it reported before, it's usually because the CC app is not fully patched.
No problems for me but a few people moaning about it at the studios I work at but I think its more about the change rather than actual problems or old machines that need getting rid