I quite like the black against the green, but I'm not keen on the green fading into a grey.

Plus the 'IMPRESS ME' etc buttons on the side aren't very impressive. They just look very 'standard Photoshop layer style'
I'm not a fan of the green either, or the stars, which remind me of the star tattoos all the emo kids seem to get.... they don't seem to fit in with the rest of the site though, it's not just the emo connotations!

Then there's the text inside the stars - the text on an angle looks all over the place, and the fish eye one just looks like something done in word in 1995.

Some of the angles on your websites and text within the mac screens are also a bit off and bugging me (especially the yoga fit one).

And is that.....papyrus on The Shore Inn website!!?!?! I have to stop here.... I can't go on.....:icon_hide: