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I am not sure if this is the right place or even forum, but I’m sure there is someone out there who will be able to help / direct me to the right place.

I am looking for someone to render a 3D ankle bracelet design. That looks similar to the sketches below (in particular the brown leather sketch). It will have a leather band with two clasps that attach to one pendant in the middle. Attached to this pendant will be a dangling pendant of a cross / something similar. This Section will be in stainless steel.

Please see pictures for reference. (Please note I am not an artist and these are just quick mock ups)



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And your budget? Something like this isn't really a quick job even though it seems fairly simple.


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I am not sure of budget I was hoping for quotes.
Honestly it would be cheaper for you go buy a necklace with the same style (they're out there) and then change it to fit the ankle....

To put it into context, you're looking at somewhere in the £500 to £1000 range for that from me and part of that is because I'm having to work from sketches rather than plans with accurate measurements.


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It really depends what kind of detail you want - are you after photo-realistic, or just an illustrated render. What are they going to be used for?