Acceptable for Portfolio?

Erm , Just about to do my portfolio

What would be acceptable? To show a graphic design company? Could your portfolio include the following:

- Sketches *
- 3D Architecture Modelling *
- Pen Drawings *
- Websites
- Logos
- Flyers
- Business Cards

..A lot of those are obvious , but the more obscure are marked with a *
and can you include your OWN business card in your portfolio? Or is that kind of " cheap " looking... ?
I don’t think 3D Architecture Modelling is relevant to a design company, but sketches and pen drawings certainly would be. If you can illustrate that’s another string to your bow.

As for including your own business card designs, as long as you have some other business card designs (not just for yourself) then I don’t see the harm. Although business card designs aren’t all that - brochures/logos/leaflets would be better.
I personally think that a folio should show your skills and if 3D modelling is one of them then show it.
I'd make sure that the balance of the folio was correct for the kind of position you're applying for and featuring your own card would be ok if it was truly stunning and sat amongst other appropriate work.

Good luck.