Above and beyond the call of duty


What have you done in your line of work that is above and beyond the call of duty?

I have an magazine editor that thinks that free use photos for publishing use can be pulled out of a hat... (I like sxc.hu, but I hate having to contact people to use the images because the magazine isn't exactly a charity thing - maybe more on my side as the designer considering the peanuts that I get for bending over backwards...)

Here is her latest request for a milk allergy article: can you find a free image which has a child drinking a glass of milk (maybe a bit unhappy?)

I have just wasted the afternoon trawling through my outdated, very Americanised clipart CD collection for an unhappy child drinking a glass of milk and in desperation, I am about to find my teary snotty 8 year old (playing silly buggers on the trampoline, so no sympathy coming his way...) give him a glass of milk and take a photo of him. :icon_rolleyes:
Thank god for digital cameras!

I piled up all my clothes as if I was going on holiday and about to pack for a client who wanted a suitable picture for her "How to pack a suitcase when going on holiday" poster (she gives great demonstrations!).

Use my own photography a lot nowadays. Don't have a child - will let you know when I need some photos taken!!
I love requests like that! some times makes me laugh, for instance I had an email explaining about a website they would like building for a small time onion farming company.

They went on to ask if I could design something like the Nike website but with onions as the theme on a budget of £100 pounds...... I fell off my chair!

Maybe be you'll like this video, and relate to it!

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