A5 leaflets


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Hi Guys, I'm after some prices for A5 leaflets 300gsm full colour double sided. Can I have prices for quantities of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000

In fact, shall I just get them from vistaprint? everyone else seemes to! lol

...thats a joke btw....
A5 leaflets
full colour double sided.
500 - £32
1000 - £54
2500 - £121

Includes delivery via next working day courier.
Special offered price for the next 7 days.

A5, Double sided full colour gloss,
Including delivery to 1 UK Address,
500 - £88
1000 - £89.90
2000 - £110
5000 - £152.55
10,000 - £275

Hope these are okay and hope to hear from you soon.


Ok, so the client's moved the goal posts! He's had a quote from elsewhere for 10,000 but the price he's had sure as sugar honey ice tea isn't on a 300gsm stock! I need your best prices on 10k double sided A5, any finish you like (he's been quoted semi gloss), as low as 135gsm.

I need to win this client!
I could flipping scream!!

He's contacted me this morning to let me know that he deffo wants 10,000 but printed at a rate of 1,000 a month to allow him to make changes each month!... He doesn't seem to understand that 10k split into 1k a month is 10 individual print jobs and not just one!!

I think I'm being messed around here!....
You'd be suprised how often I've had peoaple (usually takeaways) ask for 100,000 flyers "but I'll take them 5,000 at a time". As soon as I mention storage fees and the fact that they have to pay fior the full 100k and not in 5k batches it goes quiet.

If you are still interesed though I generally do 1000 A5 D/Sided onto a 135gsm gloss for £100 inc delivery


1000 A5 leaflets, litho printed in full colour both sides on 135gsm gloss = £79.

Includes delivery to one UK mainland address.