A5 Flyer Design Needed

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Hi Guys,

Im looking for a flyer to be designed for my business which I am opening in the next couple of weeks. I have got a logo already that I created myself that I would like to use.

The business I am opening will be a repair business offering the following servies;

PC's and Laptops Repairs and Upgrades,
Mobile Phone Repairs & Unlocking
Games console repairs and unlocking

I will also be selling accessories for all of the above

I also would like included in the flyer perhaps at the bottom?.... Professional Service at Unbeatable Prices!

you could use the picture here for the console part of it http://www.sy2.com/images/game_consoles.gif

The address of my business will be;

33 Belmore St,
Co Fermanagh
BT74 6AA

Im currently awaiting on BT to get a telephone number sorted but in the mean time you could use 02866321234 just to see how it would look.

the logo can be found here;

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I have a logo on a white background but I think a black flyer would be nice.

Please contact me with quotes via PM.

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