A3 printing via 2 Sheets of A4


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Hi All,

I've moved recently to a smaller place and can no longer run my A3 printer due to lack of space.

I often do large layouts and like to print them on A3 for proofing. No client ever sees them it's just rough for my own benefit.

I'd like to find a way to print A3 via 2 sheets of A4 so when placed together on a desk I can still see a rough A3 draft.

I currently don't have a printer so before I buy I'd like to see if this is a function I can look for or if there's some easy work around. Obviously the printer would need to be borderless and I'd be buying an inkjet as need colour and photo printing capabilities without spending a ton of money.

Thanks for reading


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Most printers I've used have the ability to tile up as well from their own tools/preferences.