A2 digital print


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I'm looking for someone with a digital press who can print double sided black onto A2, 270gsm(ish) cream stock. No cutting or finishing is required, just print and send.

We have 3 files to print in low quantities which break down into 3 orders (all can be shipped together to one address):

5 x A2 1/1 270gsm cream
5 x A2 1/1 270gsm cream
20 x A2 1/1 270gsm cream

Anyone able to help?
Sounds like a job for Precision Colour in Barking or Pureprint in Uckfield. These plants have the Sra2 Indigo 10000.

I spoke to Precision Colour last week, they quoted in excess of £120 + VAT, which, to me seems like they're profiteering from the words B2 and Indigo.

My other half's just taken on a contract working for a local litho printer who's offered to do the print (even though its a hand full of sheets) mid week when he next does a black run (hopefully today).