A total numpty


I have very little technical knowledge and armed with this I have put together a temporary website for myself. I'm using this site to try certain things and gain knowledge before putting together a permanent job.

I've had another site with the same domain name running for several years and references to the old site comes up in searches. Some of these will take people to the new site and others that have a sub reference that doesn't exist on the new site won't link. Obviously, I'd like to take advantage of these, but don't know how to link them to the new site - can someone help please?


You need to look into 301 redirects and depending on your hosting setup use apache / .htaccess to add rules to forward all old pages to your new page.

If you do a google search you will find everything you need.

I did say total numpty and having just searched 301 redirect, it may has well have been in Russian (which I also don't understand).

If I were to create files in the same names as the links that are not linking, am I correct in thinking that these would link?