A sneaky preview for feedback


Hi all

Hope you are having a nice weekend :icon_cheers:

Check this user interface out - still enhancing it though - but feel free to feedback constructively ;)

GUI Preview

Thanks for your time!

looks good so far

I would lighten up the architecture and artistic consultancy just a bit so its a bit more prominent atm it's kind of lost against the dark wood grain.

You might have issues using H tags on that site, be aware those are useful for seo.
bottom clear header bar too long for 1024 width but I'm sure you will have that on a percentage width going to code.

I reckon it could do with a few more highlights to give some edges some polish etc..

Also needs some calls to action on there which I'm sure you will work in ;)
Thanks Kev - appreciated!

I did not quite get what you meant by having difficulties using header tags?
Why would there be an issue?

Well there does not seem to be any h titles worthy of seo worked in atm.
You would be relying on mainly page title as there is little textual content.

For example the "architecture and artistic consultancy" title would be an excellent h1 source title if in text which was indexable and anchored, you will only get an alt tag in there if using an image for that which wont carry as much weighting compared to a h1, h2.
Mmm, that's interesting that.

The one thing I noticed was the large gap between the header and the paragraphs, seems a little too much to me.

It'll be interesting to see how you'll incorporate the lower opacity buttons.
I would up the body font size to 0.8em as a minimum.
Possibly make the prev/next buttons higher contrast (end button bits are nice).
Possibly up the h tag font sizes if they look too small compared to body size.
Input fields on contact form look too wishy washy, would stick in a darker border to make them more defined, possibly change colour to their green rather than pink.