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Hi Everyone,

A big part of the new Modern Creative Magazine is that we plan to write articles about the chosen industry of our readers in each section, something they can learn from, and use to help them as they try to 'get ahead' in the industry.

I have a short written statement, and then a question to ask YOU. What I would love is for you to answer, but bear in mind answers will form part of the article, so you will get a mention in the magazine, should you leave an answer.


When I first started out with the Amaze Magazine project within the realm of public view (it was initially a DWP project I did for them under a private GSI Network) I was working on a children's book, and I wanted to use the profits to raise money for charity, and so I contacted a couple of illustration websites and basically asked them if they could 'lend me' some illustrators for the book to illustrate the stories my members had sent me. I then told them I had a grand masterplan to provide a service where companies could come to me and say 'We need some illustration, graphic design, video making etc done' and I would link them up with college students and unknown talented people from around the world to complete the work at a fraction of the price that professionals would charge...

The response (as I am sure the same would be from you) was 'Oh my god! No way in hell do we want anything to do with this, purely because if students etc started doing what that we (as professionals) could charge for, all you end up doing is cheapening the industry and driving prices for work down, to the point where the professionals are no longer able to support themselves, and so it is pointless the students getting the experience, because there won't be a worthwhile industry left for them to go into...'

So I learnt a lesson, I was naive in my thinking it would help students, because although it would short-term, it wouldn't long-term and that was a big lesson for me, as I almost went to war with the very industry I was actually trying to help... Since then we have aimed our projects at helping students/creative-types to get exposure for their work that already exists, and providing opportunities that we come across that wouldn't have a bearing on professionals, but would look nice in someone's portfolio... For example, working on our magazine, creating children's books, and creating videos for us etc, this way they can showcase what they can do to the world, but without hurting the industry they are trying to get into.

So here is my question:


Depending on the response it will either make the BETA edition of Modern Creative Magazine, or Edition 1.... Depends on how the designing of the templates go.
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