A Question From An Amateur


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Actually I am not even an amateur, I know nothing about graphic design :-(

I want to create recipe cards, I have searched for a good template but couldn't find anything I fancy so decided to try doing it myself, but I need some basic help. I have indesign and cs2, can anyone give me some tips or refer me to a web page with some basic tutorials.


Hi there,

Sometimes its easier and cheaper in time and effort to pass it onto an expert. Of course you could probably put something together, but it just may not have that something in the design to make it wow....

Like myself, I do not claim to be a designer, I am more of an artworker, I can put simple jobs together with some success, but when you see some of the jobs others on here do, it does put me in the shade a little.


PS, always happy to quote for the job, if you like.