A 'nice' serif font?


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Ok so I love fonts too much, I happily admit this but my passion is sans serif and I very rarely use serifs (unles specifically needed). I have Garamond Pro for such occassions :icon_biggrin: Now i have a job where they speicifically want a serif font. I'm really wanting something very clean and quite thin. Does anyone have any suggestions please?


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Do you mean condensed? Or fine..?

Fenice is fine...Joanna, Jensen, Berkley Oldstyle....Berling, Century, Cheltenham - there are loads to choose from! Can depend on what letters you are going to use.

I use Garamond quite a bit!

Paul Murray

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I use Aldine 721 quite often. The regular weight's got a lovely roundness and heft to the characters. It might not quite fit your needs but I thought I'd mention it because I love it :)