A MacBook Pro 13" or 15"?


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Hi, I'm getting a pro soon and was wondering if the 13" higher end model will be able to cope with the work on my Graphic Design university course? I don't really have the money to get the 15" and I'd prefer to have more portability. I can always get an external monitor.

So is the 13" a good choice for my work?

thanks a lot
There are students in my class with both the 13 and 15 and to be honest it blurs an I don't notice who has what anymore. None of them had any problems in regards to coping with the course.
sometimes bigger is better, and if you like space when designing then go for the 15". I personally use a 15" and it's just about right for me, I don't think I could get on with the 13"
A friend bought a 13" which he uses during class and then connects to an external Apple monitor at home, which effectively gives him an iMac.

If it were up to me I'd go for a 15" as a bigger screen for me tends to be better, though ultimately it comes down to cost and portability. My friend has stated that he can just about fit his 13" in his bag with his other stuff as he doesn't like to carry it around in view in a sleeve/laptop shoulder bag, whereas a 15" wouldn't fit without a fight.
It would be a 15in for me as its all about the extra screen resolution. Theres also the option of getting the high resolution screen with the 15in macbook pro i think which would take it upto 1680x1050. Good if its in budget! I haven't got a macbook but that's the one I would get if I had the spare money!
I use a 13" MacBook but connect to a large cinema display for design work during the working day and disconnect for any general surfing/research etc the rest of the time.

I have tried to make amends when away from the large screen with just the 13" screen and it's close to impossible to design on in my opinion. But if money is tight this maybe the only option, either that or try and get a cheap second hand large screen for designing perhaps.