A guide for Design Job boards?


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I got a job straight out of Uni and now I'm unemployed. I think I can setup my own Website Development and Graphic Design business but before I do I need to earn some money. I've searched online for a guide to using Freelance Job boards but all I get in search results are "N best Job Boards" posts.

I would like some advice on using job boards, particularly getting money in, how to go about refining the job description and how to get the job when I haven't used that board before.

Many Thanks.
I wouldn't worry too much about jobs boards, since you'll probably be undercut by someone (often an amateur) anyway. You can add yourself to our business directory and check our jobs board for possible clients (no bidding here, just get in touch with the client, quote and hope you're the one they pick).

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Try and concentrate on finding local business and clients you can meet face to face. Get out of the studio and canvas your local coffee shops, community boards, newspaper ad pages with your service.

It may seem old fashioned but it works. A clever, eye-catching advert in a shop window could bring you more work than a generic "I design this and that" profile page on a crowded job site.

Since you do web and graphic design, you're in a good position to help local start ups with design work and make some connections that can lead to repeat work and more clients.