A Free Tool: View your EPS Image on your Website


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For the vector lovers:

The following free little tool might help you guys if you have ever tried to view your .eps files directly on your website without converting it into a .jpg/.gif etc. Here is what you have to do; in the image tag on your website, you just use the following url as your source:

<img src="http://www.beyondtheway.com/vector_to_raster.php?vector_file=http://www.foo.com/vectors_folder/vector_file.eps">

From the above string, you only change the .eps location and name after "vector_file=" according to your need. That's it!!!!

<img src="http://www.beyondtheway.com/vector_to_raster.php?vector_file=http://www.beyondtheway.com/vectors_tmp/tree.eps" width="30%">

<img src="http://www.beyondtheway.com/vector_to_raster.php?vector_file=http://www.beyondtheway.com/vectors_tmp/tree.eps" width="40%">

Ref: BW Screen Printing Design Resources
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If you want to create thumbnail views, only use the typical width and height properties inside as usual. And, ofcourse, you have to have the actual .eps file uploaded in your website in the proper location that you are mentioning in the tool (vector file="must be a proper website address and location and file name"). You can even create a gallery of thumbnails by using this tool for each eps file.