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So here is the work that I've done recently. What do you think? should i quit while i'm ahead or?
oh wow. I literally cant look at my work as good anymore. Got shot down in my previous post.
8 years of confidence in graphic design and i'm reduced to not being able to post or look at any of my work without feeling sick.
thanks guys :|
You posted 1 thing and this is your 2nd post...

The query was answered in your last post, people are not willing to pay for it. And you got good advice all around.

Cop on to yourself.
First of all, your profile states that you are only 18 years old. 18! Assuming you put your correct age, that would explain a lot, including this somewhat immature thread. How can you even think of quitting? You have barely begun! You won't get very far in life with that attitude.

Also, not to go on about your age but, at 18 years old how can you seriously count '8 years of confidence in graphic design?' So you became a graphic designer at 10 years of age?

If you don't like criticism, don't post for critiques. If you can't handle negative feedback, don't ask for feedback. Negative feedback is farrrr more helpful than positive feedback. Why? Because positive feedback will only make you feel good. Negative feedback can help you improve. That's what being a graphic designer is all about.

And anyway, you have only posted one piece of work...
Nobody criticised your work, we just gave honest answers to the question you asked ("How much would you pay for this Bakery logo? (Honest) Answers please"). Nobody here would pay for it because we don't need it, we're not the target market. Ask the same question to a client who's looking to hire a designer to design them a bakery logo and they'll probably respond differently.

From this post it sounds as though you originally posted hoping to hear what you wanted/expected to hear, but the truth is design is subjective, what one person likes, another will hate. Ask 100 designers what they think of a particular design and you'll probably get a list of 100 changes. That's just our nature, we always ask "what if…" or "how about…" because that's part and parcel of our job.

Whilst I didn't like the final execution of the logo you posted, I liked the idea but didn't post a critique because that's not what you were asking for. As it stands the current design isn't yet a logo in the sense that it's not scalable, it won't be legible in monotone/greyscale and the text is obstructing the mark. However, I think if you started again in just black and white you could refine it and have something quite clever using negative space.
Wowza! If this is their reaction to the replies that were posted, its a good job I didn't submit my first draft!! lol