A Fair price


Hello all I thought I'd run this past you to see what you think. I've been asked by my old firm to freelance for a couple of weeks while the tard who gave me the push is away.

I'll be artworking and running up to five different printers and a vinyl cutter. I'm thinking of asking for £30ph, fair price or not?
Depends how many hours they are giving you I suppose.

If it's 9-5 for a couple of weeks and they NEED you then I think its fair, but if they are doing you a favor and giving you work, and you are the one that NEEDS it, I'd ask for a bit less.

Hope this helps:icon_smile:
LOL - Yea - if you have leverage on it then be cheeky and take the **** <--person that laid you off to the bank. I mentioned in a post earlier how I didn't take some money, in this case I would do the opposite I think.
I have it on good authority that they are desperate:icon_biggrin: I'll quote them £30 as it'll be a full 7.5 hour day for the duration.

Cheers for the input.:icon_notworthy:
Well actually, if you just make the coffee all day, I'll do the work, but I want 75%....

I pray you get above 30, I mean I might just quit and go freelancing for them myself then.