A carpal tunnel nightmare

I am a recent graduate in this field but sadly my wrists began acting up a few weeks before graduating back in June. There is no change and sadly I know I could not do 40 hours a week at a GD job. It is pretty much a career destroyer which is devastating after finally finding the career I love.

I am wondering if anyone knows solutions (not surgery). Or have overcome this same problem?

All input would be greatly appreciated

Devastated Designer
basically you need rest to get rid of the symptoms, then to avoid it reoccurring you need to improve your work position. Try a wrist rest.
I had RSI on my wrist and hand at Uni. It would hurt so much it would keep me awake at night and be so painfull in the day. I bought a bamboo tablet and this made me change the way I worked.

I still get days that are bad but I know what I'm doing that makes it bad, so I just pull myself up on it.

Think about how you have your hands positioned for me the strain came from using the short cut keys and having my hand and wrist at an arkward angle. It was quicker to work like this but it was really damaging so I ajusted my working postion and that helped.

But you really must rest it totally and start from afresh with no pain as working though it will make it much worse :)
As other members have said - you need to find a different way of working.

I have minor arthritis in one hand (where I broke a thumb years ago, dominant hand) and tennis elbow - but... the symptoms are mostly aleviated via adpted posture and considered workstation set-up.

This certainly need not be the end!

Has the doctor advised re: operating?