A book printed without ink

Paul Murray

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Irma Boom's latest book for Chanel features entirely blind-embossed pages, intended to mimic the idea that, like wearing a fragrance, "you don't see it but it's there."


I'm tempted to buy a copy but unsurprisingly it's not exactly cheap.
Looks cool.

Is it available as an ebook? lol

Anything is possible once you have the money to produce it.

I love it.
You save on ink and paper with ebooks lol.

It's a good idea. Wonder if they added fragrances to each page as well? Like scented paper.

That would have upped the game a bit too.
Irma refrained from that for a couple of reasons, namely that she's already done a scented book, and felt it would be too predictable. Still, it would have suited the project perfectly.