A bit of inspiration


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Hi guys,

My name is Chris and I'm a graphic design student at Staffs Uni.

I was wondering if I could get some background to the design industry, what goes on on a day to day basis, the work involved, how you feel the industry is fairing in the current financial climate and basically your general views on graphic design.

Any feedback would be greatly recieved.

Don't want to depress you but...
The print/graphics industry has been hit hard - by every man, woman and child with a computer (and Publisher or some such programme) who now thinks they are a graphic designer, and every man, woman & child with a desktop printer who now thinks they are a printing company, and all the 'whizz-kids on the computer' (just heard of one today) who are suddenly website designers.
We have been ripped apart by some cheapskates who produce print at less than cost price (often on the continent and further flung places) or give print away (but beware what you get back!) but there are some excellent print firms out there (and on here) who produce high quality print and at sensible prices.

That said - I love it and I think that every business in the current climate has to be on its toes and keep flexible, watch its costs and keep its price down. (Even the bankers are being hit but only gently by losing their £1million bonus!). I also feel that businesses will realise that they can't do design and websites and that it is much easier and, in the long run, cheaper to get an expert to do it. I've tried plastering but I know how much better it is to get a professional in! As the economy turns things will get better.