99 Designs Contests, Thoughts??


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Hi GD Forum peeps! :icon_smile:

I just joined 99designs.co.uk and thought it would be a good place to exercise my creative muscle (as well as the obvious contests like threadless, etc.).

I've only recently heard about the site and I wondered if anybody around here has submitted anything to 99 designs or maybe even won? What do/did you think of it? thumbs up, thumbs down?

Well, there's my first thread (of many?) to GDF! :icon_cheers:
Thumbs down. I could list the reasons why 99designs and other such sites are a cancer that needs to be cut from the design industry but I'd probably be wasting my time.

Just know that the general consensus throughout this forum and the industry as a whole is negative towards such sites. Outsiders call it snobbery, when in fact it's just pride.
All of the above; massively and shamelessly weighted in favour of the procurement side of things despite the fact that designers are basically their stock in trade.
Thanks for the reply guys! :)

Hmm, I kinda feel a bit naive now but I really should have realized seeing that it looks like it could also be open to plagiarism from ppl abusing creativity and all the cards benefit the site :icon_Wall:

Thanks muchly for the heads up, chaps! :icon_biggrin:
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